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Validation by TU/e confirms the Lumiduct as best in its class for energy performance

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) has been continuously measuring the performance of the Lumiduct at the pilot site of Mondial Movers over the last year. Based on these measurements, the TU/e has developed and validated a model which shows the effect of the Lumiduct on the indoor climate as compared with conventional solar shading alternatives. From this, the TU/e has been able to draw preliminary conclusions that have exceeded expectations. They have confirmed that the Lumiduct is the best in its class for energy performance.

In comparison to standard indoor roller shading, the Lumiduct demonstrates substantial savings in annual energy costs regarding heating, cooling, and lighting. The results express annual building savings of 24% on heating, 40% on cooling, and 36% on lighting. The graphs below showcase the results of the study.

Studies conducted on office spaces regarding useful daylight illuminance (UDI) with the application of the Lumiduct, resulted in the following: A significant reduction of artificial light needed to supplement daylight (UDI-s) and a significant reduction in the excess daylight likely to cause glare on computer screens in the office spaces (UDI-x) .

The bar graph below summarizes the results by showing the annual primary energy consumption of the office building for heating, cooling, and artificial lighting for different solar shading alternatives.

In conclusion, in the office building climate study, the application of the Lumiduct in comparison to roller shading, or a lack of shading altogether, results in significantly lower annual energy consumption by 39%, as well as increased daylight without the requirement of artificial lighting by 43%, setting the Lumiduct apart as best in its class.

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