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NRC Live 2018: The Business Case side of Energy Saving Solutions

The NRC Live Energy Series kicked off on March 13, 2018 and continues through July 5, 2018, with themed events happening on a monthly basis. Wellsun attended the most recent event on Thursday, June 14, 2018 which focused on the business case side of energy saving solutions.

The event is part of a series hosted by NRC which focuses on providing a platform to present new innovations to excited and active professionals. Wellsun CEO, Stan de Ridder, spoke about the Lumiduct and the Wellsun business case at the Energy Series event on Thursday.

The event was highly focused on the business case side of energy saving solutions as well as disruptive business models for generating behavioral changes.

The main topics discussed included:

  1. What is the business model of energy saving?

  2. How do you ensure that all parties benefit from it?

  3. And how do you achieve a tipping point where energy saving becomes the norm?

Stan de Ridder discussed the disruptive business case of Wellsun and how the Lumiduct addresses the three topics discussed successfully. Attendees at the event were also able to hear from other companies like Wellsun who are already achieving success on a larger scale with their groundbreaking innovations.

To learn more about the events hosted by NRC, visit their website.

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