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The Lumiduct

The Lumiduct is an elegant solution for making buildings more sustainable and livable. Being the most effective solution when it comes to energy generation in combination with solar shading, the Lumiduct has the potential to reduce the energy consumption in the built environment significantly. The energy producing, transparent solar shading makes it possible to create full glass facades that generate more energy than a façade covered with conventional silicon solar panels. The Lumiduct is commercially more attractive than alternative sustainability measures because of its appealing esthetics and additional media functionalities.

Panels Track the Sun

  • Directs the panels towards the sun to enable energy production and daylight control.

  • Movement of the panels is unnoticeable.

  • Highest unobstructed view to the outside of all shading systems.

  • Energy consumption required for tracking is < 1% of the power generated.

Sun tracking solar panel
Concentrated Solar Power

Solar Energy is Produced

  • Panel efficiency is 30%.

  • Peak power is 300 Wp/m2 (under Standard Test Conditions).

  • Heat is blocked and can be harvested.

Daylight is Controlled

  • Transmits diffused daylight which naturally lights the interior.

  • Blocks direct sunlight to prevent glare and overheating.

Ideal Solar Shading
LED Media Wall

Lumiduct Pillar

  • Number of panels per pillar can vary from 1 to 7.

  • Standard pillar height up to 3.60m.

  • Standard panel size is 600x426mm.

  • Slim panel design of only 14mm thin.

  • Project specific customization is possible.

Side view Lumiduct

Media Wall Capabilities

  • Available with Lumiduct Media only.

  • Up to 100% of the façade surface area can be used as media-wall.

  • Pixel pitch is 23mm.

Lumiduct dimensions

Double-skin Facade

  • Climate façade for improved energy performance.

  • Heat buffer for improved indoor climate.

  • Sound barrier in case of noisy environments.

  • Façade depth is 1m.

System Management

  • Power inverter attached to AC grid.

  • Control panel for preferred operation mode.

  • Optional heat exchanger to increase energy efficiency.

  • Optional (remote) system monitoring.

  • System can be connected to building management system.

Lumiduct System Management
Scalability Lumiduct Facade

Scalable Grid

  • Modular design allows for complete scalability.

  • Up to 100% coverage of any façade.



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