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Summer is heating up, but your office building shouldn’t be

A heat wave is sweeping through the Netherlands this summer, the country is facing an average daily high of 34 degrees Celsius. How is your office building handling the rise in temperatures? Has the heat made you consider spending thousands installing a central cooling system or internal shading? We have a better solution: The Lumiduct.

The Lumiduct not only powers your building with the best solar panels in the world, it also keeps the indoor climate of your office building cool and comfortable all year round. It is a solar panel system which is installed vertically on the facade of your building.

It utilizes transparent solar panels which absorb the harsh, direct sunlight and turn up to 30% of this energy into electricity to power your building. The soft, diffused daylight is transmitted and what ultimately enters your building.

The system is installed in a contained glass environment that stores and blocks all of the hot air from coming into your building. The panels also rotate throughout the day to ensure you have a great view of the outdoors while never experiencing harsh glare on your computer screens.

All of these benefits and more make the Lumiduct the perfect choice for office buildings with a large surface area of glass exposed to the sun. It eliminates the need to install an expensive cooling system that is ultimately bad for the environment. It also prevents the need for expensive indoor shading that simply makes your office darker, not necessarily cooler.

To learn more about how to control the indoor climate of your building with the world’s best solar panels, send an email to

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