Wellsun was founded in 2013, inspired by the greenhouses in the Netherlands where all the energy from the sun is used effectively. The basic idea was to develop a product that enables the efficient use of the sun in the building environment. This because the founders saw that the energy from the sun is mostly ignored or rejected in that sector.


The biggest challenge is with glass buildings because they need more heating in the winter and more cooling in the summer. Because everybody loves glass buildings, more and more glass buildings are being built. Nowadays glass buildings are responsible for most of the CO2 emissions in the building sector. This is not sustainable. If we want to keep on building beautiful glass buildings something needs to change.

The possibility to shade the sun effectively and to use the shielded energy from the sun for the generation of sustainable energy in buildings thus became the basis of Wellsun.


Glass is a fantastic and beautiful material to build and design with. We all love glass.


We have created Wellsun to give glass as building material a sustainable future by using the sun as an energy source.

Team Wellsun

Stan de Ridder


Co-founder & CEO

Matthijs Damen


Stefan van Breukelen


Software Engineer


Stephan Raidl


Software Engineer


Stan de Ridder


Co-founder & CEO

Thomas van Riet


Sustainability Engineer

Luc Kouters.jpg

Stan de Ridder


Co-founder & CEO

Luc Kouters


Mechanical Engineer

Our Partners

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 856071.