Changing the way buildings deal with the sun

People love the sun. That is why people love glass buildings with their transparency and the abundance of daylight. But the lovely sun also creates heat and glare in the buildings where people live and work. Instead of making good use of the energy of the sun, buildings use a lot of energy to keep the sun under control. And that is a waste.

Why Wellsun?

Many measures are taken to make buildings more energy efficient, but we can no longer afford to ignore that buildings are very ineffective in dealing with the sun. Climate change requires us to live more energy efficient. (High rise) buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), buildings are responsible for more than 42% of all energy consumption world-wide, and more than 75% of all the electricity consumption.


There are several issues when it comes to creating sustainable buildings:

  • Current solar shading is not effective

  • Solar energy on façades is wasted

  • Investments in sustainability have long payback period

  • Sustainability solutions are not beautiful or not visible

Wellsun has developed the Lumiduct, an elegant solution to solve these issues and to create beautiful buildings which are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.

The 5 Benefits

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