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Providing a sustainable future for glass architecture

People love the sun. That is why people love glass buildings with their transparency and the abundance of daylight. But the lovely sun also creates heat and glare in the buildings where people live and work. Instead of making good use of the energy of the sun, glass buildings use a lot of energy to keep the sun under control. And that is a waste.

Why Wellsun?

We all love glass buildings because of the transparency and the great looks, but glass buildings are also the major contributors to global warming. That is the reason that all over the world new legislation is introduced to limit the application of glass in buildings. If we want to keep on building beautiful glass buildings we need to drastically improve their energy performance. And that is exactly what the Lumiduct does.

There are several issues when it comes to making beautiful glass buildings sustainable:

  • Current solar shading is not effective

  • Solar energy on façades is wasted

  • Investments in sustainability have long payback period

  • Sustainability solutions are not beautiful or not visible

The Lumiduct is an elegant solution that solves these issues and gives beautiful glass buildings a sustainable future.

The 5 Benefits

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